Course Outline:

Our Aims:
At CEATS Competitions it is our aim to deliver high quality learning experiences which will enable contestants to develop skills and attributes to achieve and sustain positive destinations beyond school:

• To provide a view of mathematics as a living, growing, creative human endeavor that classifies as both a science and an art, to give you a feeling for, and some mastery of the mathematical way of thinking, and to be aware of some of the many applications of mathematics in today’s world.

• To develop curiosity and understanding of the environment and our place in the living, material and physical world.

• To demonstrate a secure knowledge and understanding of the big ideas and concepts of the sciences.

• To develop the skills of scientific inquiry and investigation using practical techniques.

• To develop skills in the accurate use of scientific language, formulae and equations.

• To apply safety measures and take necessary actions to control risk and hazards.

• To recognize the impact the sciences make on our life, the lives of others, the environment and on society.

• To recognise the role of creativity and inventiveness in the development of the sciences.

• To develop an understanding of the Earth’s resources and the need for responsible use of them.

• To express opinions and make decisions on social, moral, ethical, economic and environmental issues based upon sound understanding.

• To develop as a scientifically‐literate citizen with a lifelong interest in the sciences.