Centre for Educational Assessment & Testing Services (CEATS) is the organization delivering a new model of educational support through creating opportunities to compete and win for every child of schools and colleges in Pakistan in their own school environment.

• Monitor and compare students’ performance within the school and region.
• Identify potentially gifted students for further enrichment.
• Identify students that may require immediate attention.
• Inform school planning and resource allocation.
• Discovers students’ latent potential to mentor them on their future educational endeavors as well as counsel them on selection of their careers.
• Modify classroom activities and develop appropriate learning programs.
• Identify students that may require immediate attention.
• Can find some insights from data to inform teaching & guide future learning.
• Can rank or order students according to their performance.
• Do exercise their experiences in large scale examinations.


• Identify their academic strengths and weaknesses.
• Monitor and compare their yearly achievement with other students.
• Gain valuable experience in taking international assessment tests such as IMO, IPhO, IChO, IOI, IBO, IAO, & ILO etc.
• Enrich their portfolios with CEATS certificates, medals & Souvenirs.


• Understand and analyze their children’s academic strengths& weaknesses.
• Collaborate with schools for academic growth and skill development of their children.
• Design and plan meaningful educational activities for kids.